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The Environmental Case Author by: The Environmental Politics Reader: Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. In September New York attor- ney general Eliot Spitzer announced his intention to sue seventeen southern and midwestern power plants, as well as several utilities in New York State, to force them to reduce their acid rain—causing emissions.

To achieve this reduction, the law required the EPA to establish emis- sions limitations for two types of utility boilers by mid and for all other types by In particular, the heavily polluting utilities and those that had already begun to clean up—such as those in Minnesota, New York, and Wisconsin—could not resolve their differences. Small is Necessary Anitra Nelson.

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But President Ronald Reagan opposed any action on the bill, and legislators were deeply divided on the issue of acid rain. Auctions and sales are open to anyone and are conducted by sealed bid.

Environmental Engineering James R. Oxford University Press, Both allowed fuel switch- ing. By the end ofthe tactic appeared to be bearing fruit: Acid Rain Controls in the House. This work was suppressed by the Ontario government, however. CQ Press,81— Clearly in this case, it was an economic consideration that was most important to the Reagan Administration because of the cost of fixing the problem.

At the same time, Ontario government researchers were documenting lake acidification and fish loss in a wide area surrounding Sudbury and attributing those effects to emissions from the Sudbury smelters. The EPA also maintains a reserve ofspecial allowances that it can allocate to utilities that develop qualifying renewable energy projects or insti- tute conservation measures. Who Will Bear the Costs?

The Environmental Case : Translating Values Into Policy

Quoted in Norman J. The Clean Air Act grandfathered 01d plants but imposed strict emissions stan- dards on new plants. They also note that people are reluctant to Support environmental protection in their own community if it means that jobs will be lost as a result.

Environmental Law Nancy K. Richard Ayres, environmetal of the Natural Resources Defense Council, was the leading policy entrepreneur for the Clean Air Coalition, an umbrella organization of environmental and other lobbies trying to link and NOx control policies to the acid rain problem.

National Academy Press, This argument gained momentum in the executive branch, and in Carter began to take steps toward that goal by establishing the Bilateral Research Consultation Group on the Long—Range Transport of Air Pollution to conduct a joint investigation with Canada.

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In the Senate, Majority Leader Mitchell realized that most of the resistance to clean air legislation would come from outside the Environment and Public Works Committee because the regional balance of the committee clearly favored supporters of acid rain con- trols: Ladd and Bowman challenge the results of questions aSking respondents to choose between economic growth and environmental protection They point out that many Americans do not believe there is a tradeoff bEtWeen growth and the environment.

Quoted in Cohen, Washington at Work, During that time, the chamber worked continuously on the bill, virtually to the exclusion of all other busi- Market—Based Solutions ness. In the end, said Eckart, Mitchell broke the impasse by convincing the skeptics to pacify the Midwest. The younger pres- ident Bush has not endorsed this approach, however. Only 5 percent to 10 percent of the water in a lake comes from rain that has fallen directly on the lake; most of the water is runoff from the surrounding watershed and has been neutralized by the alkaline soil.

Daniel Markewitz et al.

Layzer, Judith – The Environmental Case Translating Values…

Row- man and Littlefield, A utility that reduces its emissions below the number of allowances it holds may trade, bank, or sell its excess allowances. The Lomborg Deception Howard Friel. Disaster, Restoration, and ResilienceConclusions: Environmental Policy and Politics Michael Kraft.

Layzer’s fascinating and well chosen case studies are so versatile and valuable that her book now serves as a replacement for – rather than a supplement to – the leading textbook in my course — Daniel Lipson The Environmental Case continues to lead the field of undergraduate-friendly texts, providing theoretical frameworks and detailed case studies of domestic and international environmental events.

Let the People judge: Reconciling the House and Senate Bills. Each generator has up to thirty days after the end of the year to deliver to the EPA valid allowances equal to its emissions during the year. The ranking minority member of the subcommittee, John Chafee, R—R.

The lawsuit challenged four of the new provisions, each of which would allow plants to increase their emissions without penalty. At the same time, industry filed a dozen lawsuits arguing that the EPA overstepped its authority in mak- ing the rule. Therefore, more than 50 percent of the acid sulfate in the Adirondacks of New York came from rnidwestern sources; about 20 percent came from the large metal smelters in Ontario, Canada: Through its 16 carefully constructed cases, the book gives readers a first-hand look at some of the most interesting and illuminating controversies in U.

In November the EPA called for new state air pollution plans to cut the NOX emissions of utilities and other large sources in the states east of the Missis- sippi by 85 percent.