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The Green Mile Script | LA Screenwriter

Truely one of THE greatest movies made by far! The plot, character development, acting, everything worked so well in it. I can never get enough of it. I don’t see them matching. Dave 8 out of 10 I’ve seen a LOT of 10 out of 10 votes for this movie, which I have to disagree with. John coffey was so sad in the movie. Jingles and the like, I like the book and the film equally. If it doesn’t touch you, you’ve got no soul. LFTL 10 out of 10 Anyone who rates this below a nine needs to get their head checked, or lacks compassion to an extreme extent!

I have seen the movie four times.

Most of the script is written well though. This movie rocks, 10 outta I was bored to tears. Thw movie revealing evils in the world, seen from John’s eyes who knows pain and hurt.

You could almost feel the bond between the two, that’s what I liked so much and it really touched me.

Well done to all the members of cast and crew, keep up all the good work. I haven’t read Stephen King’s book but after watching the movie, I am thinking of buying the book. And I must add, the best selection of actors possible for each role as well. Let me point out, the “flies” represent the disgusting and swiftness of the hurt in the world today. Great acting, great directing, great writing, and I love the music score for it by my favorite musician Thomas Newman.

I base my judgement on a movie-goer’s viewpoint we are, after all, talking about a MOVIE here– not the book. I speak the truth, for I often ask Americans, what they like and notice on the movie. But hey, if you ever need to wash your makeup off quickly, treen this movie is the way’da do it. It reminds me of my grandfather because he had to flip the switch for greem people in the electric chair.

The cast is awesome, everything about the movie is awesome. Love everything about it, lots of great acting.

I love acting and I am currently looking for work. Every scene captured me and made me long to see the next bit that was coming up.

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Many women have even teared up just by mentioning it, showing strong emotions to a magnificent movie. Had he just made John Coffey sick and cough up or vomit the “negativity” as a “normal” substance, I would give this movie another star. John Coffey should have thrown up something physically disgusting like the rest of us to purge himself of the “badness”, and the movie would have been nearly perfect expect for casting Tom Hanks.

The performances by all however, are superb. The casting director should get an academy award. Who else could have played Percy Whetmore or Wild Bill? Every actor played their roles to perfection. He electrocuted 15 people and just like the movie, he made a friend with one of them, his name was brett lunsford. JaneDoe 10 out of 10 This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Perfect all the way around. Stephen King is just a pro, as well as Frank Darabont.

And the character gdeen is outstanding, there is not one character in this movie you can forget. The scene where they’re executing Coffey and he tells Paul not to put the bag over his head because he’s afraid of the dark moved me to tears.

The Green Mile Script

Just like my grandfather. Bill 10 out of 10 My favorite movie of all. M 10 out of 10 The best story King has written. Silja 10 out of 10 A perfect script.

There are lines and descriptions in the script that are not anywhere in the movie.

Green Mile, The Script. It is truly a feel good movie. And of Stephen King adaptations I have to say this is number one. Becka 10 out of 10 Movie made me cry buckets. King’s top 3 books and best movie on the silver screen!