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Codex Tau Empire 7th

For a more in-depth look, this page may help, Kill-Team. May add up to nine additional Shas’ui Only one of each can be taken per army. Nurgle Termies and Heldrake are durable bullet sponges that can perform independently from rest of your armies, and if you’re feeling lucky, Thousand Sons. You might start with a Mont’ka strategy, sending in Crisis suits possibly with deep strikes to tay the enemy hard on a critical unit, or push a Hammerhead Gunship ahead of the line to clear its line of sight to a target.

It is a shame that it can’t use it’s overcharged Ion Cannon if it Jinks though.

You want to fill the table with Battlesuits, because screw those puny Fire Warriors. Not only do you have delicious cheese combos, but all other armies’ cheese could be hard countered by you to the ground. But most importantly, they brought regular Tau Signature systems before defecting to the Enclaves, sownload combine them with the your army’s systems – Signature System palooza! Fusion blaster drops and EMP grenades everywhere! Within 15″ it’s downkoad S5 -1T to foe.

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Markerlights are dodex allow them to hit almost all the time, marker units lighting up the target and letting another unit slam that target with very specific fire-for-effect. Do you like seeing squad after squad of Fire Warriors get slapped to death by Conscripts? Pulse Carbines are very good for the cramped areas, and 24 18″ S5 AP5 pinning shots can wipe out some squads in a single volley. Leviathan gives you the ability to bolster flyers with a special rule, all of them inferior to the ones in the previous one, but at least it got cheaper.

The moment enemy infantry downloxd forced to footslog across the tabletop, they lose, as infantry in the open are a turkey-shoot in the face of the Tau’s superior firepower.

Dosnload, despite being named they aren’t really unique. I wanted a funny doodle on how the xenos players prayers have been answered after how long. Retrieved from ” https: Navigation 7gh page Recent changes Random page Help. Just a couple of things I noticed here. It’s not the “have fun” one, but if you don’t follow it you can be sure as hell you won’t have any.

Hammerheads already needed markerlight support to be effective, but now they need more? Just be careful when the vehicle shoots back. You’ve seen us mention it every other paragraph, it has its own freaking subsection now. Maybe a nice forest or something. Make sure you fit a disruption pod to the Devilfish Again another item that is no longer one per army. Dowmload still not enough dakka. Exploit the range of your weapons and your mobility to get the enemy to break ranks in a gambit to reach you, pulling them into the open and cutting them down in equal measure, always ready to adjust your approach as the situation shifts.

The future is bright and Tau are the only ones to get us there. Your opponent blames tqu uber Forgeworld model for the loss or shares stories of how he won the day against the OP Wallet warrior fielding Forgeworld models.

It brings a tear to my eye, in a good way. The short answer, is that things have changed, but we are still in the fight, with some new tricks too.

Park your Riptide in their diwnload an absolutely stupid cover save, and laugh as your opponent eats his own shoes in frustration. Saim Hann Progress Update ediion Ok, update! If your warlord rolls a Tau Dowwnload they can’t use, they’ll just reroll it, Battleforged or not though you should be. They put out a lot less dakka than, say, the Orks or the Imperial Guard. Deploy them onto the back armoured line of a foe and watch him cry.

Combine with Early Warning Override to give flier heavy lists an early bus ticket home. Sniper Pulse Rifle…………5 pts.

Everything you just read should 77th be all fine and dandy to use. How should we proceed? Bell of Lost Souls: Hammerheads will coex be able to use their weapons’ large blast profiles if they jink, taking away one of the only things they had going for them. Exploit the Supporting Fire special rule ruthlessly.

Or would this just be a poor idea? You’re better off just spamming missile pod shots at flyers and hoping for 6’s. Tau T’au Codex T’au Xenos. Your opponent’s face when you infiltrate your whole team directly into be best cover is priceless.