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That is – the human race constantly asking for more time.

Nothing compared to what we’ve claimed before. Birds are not late. I have to say I was thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it, and feeling sorry for father time stuck downlooad a cave He stopped his ageing, he won over time.

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Victor is a millionaire in Manhattan. Knowing that his wife will disapprove, he chooses not to tell her. It makes you reconcider and probably even realize things you didn’t before. Passion I would say it depends on the person. View all 6 comments.

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The sentences in bold letters. How it never halted.

Dor was to help two people, yes only two after years, two downloas unremarkable and unlikeable people. Were Alli and Dor metaphors for Adam and Eve? Whenever I sat down to read this book, I finished a huge chunk of it, because of my curiosity being piqued up with every halt. An internationally renowned best-selling author of nine books, Mitch Albom is a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician.

I’m all too aware of it every day. When he reaches the top, he is imprisoned in a cave by the same apparition that warned him, years ago, to stop experimenting with his measuring. I just loved it and I know I will come back to this book over and over again He has a chance for freedom and has to save two lives This book definitely deserves a good 5 stars from me.

It may be something they pick up again later in life and find the stuff they missed the first time around. He stormed off towards the Tower of Babel and climbed the steps, he wanted to have a motch with God, he wanted more time with his wife. How it passes, and we never knew. Ages 18 and up PDF: So, with blind faith I surrendered and I found it a pretty good read.

The Time Keeper

Perhaps I’m albon not one who feels I need a fable to remind me how precious our time on earth is, or how important it is to try to live in the moment. In fact, the pace of the novel is a hearty heartbeat which seems to come alive as the story progresses. Yet, there was something captivating about it. Who is ready to give everything up, especially the granted time.

Was the apparition the son of son G-d? I loved it and an emotionally touched.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

Albom’s fingers on the keyboard turn out golden prose, whether a column or a book. I would not have expected Albom to write about Father Time. Low acquaintance with subjects like philosophy, and no idea what-so-ever on the myths about time Yes, no idea about the Tower of Babel even, sorry are some predominant factors. Like the other books I have read by Mitch Albom, this book moved me with its simple premise and message.

It was more the description of lives. Mitch Albom Reading level: View all 12 comments. He is dying and wants to cheat death.