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The following indicators appear in the monitor during shooting: Taking Pictures in Auto Mode More on: Drive mode is limited to 1.

To use manual focus: First Steps Know where everything is? Lexar Media is a trademark of Lexar Media Corpora- tion. You can also attach external accessories with its hot shoe.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make a selection from a sub-menu. Lens 35mm [] equiv. Images on LCDs and monitors shown in this brochure are simulated. Playback Zoom Taking a Closer Look: Select P, S, A, or M.

Ad di tion al information may be available from the Nikon rep re sen ta tive in your area. In P, S, A, and M modes, the image-adjustment menu grants control over contrast. Step 1 Select Mode For more about the mode dial, see: Slide Show Nikon coolpix 5400 manual pdf download Show When Start is selected in the slide show menu, all pictures in the current folder that have not been hidden using Hide image played back one after the other in the order re- corded, with a pause between each image.

Finally, we hope that this article is useful, and able to be the contributive reference in increasing your technological knowledge.

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Nikon CoolPix Manuals, Support and Troubleshooting – Digital Cameras

The Shooting Menu Controlling the Flash: Page 27 Read Battery Warnings Read nikon coolpix 5400 manual pdf download follow the battery warnings and cautions on pages ii—iv and of this manual, together with any warnings and instructions supplied by the bat- tery manufacturer. Using the Flash A setting of is intended for use with natural lighting. Taking Pictures in Mode Read this manual thoroughly before use, and keep it where all those who use the product will read ,anual.

Zoom Options The Zoom options menu contains options for digital and optical zoom. Erase all images Delete all pictures.


On the LCD, it is placed an optical view finder. Basic Photography Basic Photography This chapter covers the basics of taking pictures and playing them back. AF Area Mode auto mode and at all scene-mode set- tings except Portrait and Close upthe nikon coolpix 5400 manual pdf download automatically focuses on the subject in the focus area at the center of the frame, shown by the For more on batteries and alternative power sources, see: Also See for Coolpix Manual – pages Repair manual – 67 pages.

To prevent mold or mildew, store the camera in a dry, well-ventilated area. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to select additional pictures. Movies Movies Your Nikon digital camera can record three dif- ferent types of movie.

Welcome to the Nikon Global Website.

Option Selected images Select pictures for transfer. This ToC contains the list nikon coolpix 5400 manual pdf download each sub topic. Saturation Control Saturation control is used to heighten or reduce the vividness of colors. Viewing Pictures on a Computer So, if you find this writing is valuable one, you may share it to your web page so that the information here can be beneficial for the other people too. With this manual, you will be able to get a lot of information regarding to the operation, camera parts, features, and others.

CompactFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation. Focus Options The focus options menu contains three options controlling focus settings.