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Standard Specification for Blended Hydraulic Cements. Soon the sanding is beneficial because it allows the steam permeability. The pore mesh is a tangle of channels and capillaries, which in most cases do not communicate with each other, and allow nbr nm 67 pdf download concrete to introduce impermeability to liquids and gases [ 7 ].

Then, it was held the photographic record of all samples, these pictures were taken with the same distance, and later to quantify the wet and dried areas Fig. In this way the repair and maintenance costs of nbr nm 67 pdf download structures could be avoided. This paper investigates the use of ceramic tile polishing waste as a partial substitute for cement and sand in the manufacturer nbr nm 67 pdf download concrete paving blocks.

The crystalline waterproofing is the chosen material to be tested in this study. Whereas, if analyze only the use of crystalline waterproofing from variations of uses, it is noted that the application by painting is more efficient than admixture, since the painting receives sanding process. Therefore, particle size distribution, bulk density attached mortar content as well as the associated water absorption capacity of recycled aggregates were monitored to scrutinise the effect of such processing procedures.

Andrade T Topics Concrete Durability.


In this case, it would take specific tests to prove this hypothesis. Hardened concrete-Determination of water penetration nbr nm 67 pdf download pressure. The assessment of durability is related with the expected product performance, in which some factors downpoad decisive for its good understanding, is set, knowing the material composition and its behavior allows to assess changes caused by the product interaction with external aggressive agents and measure the damage over time [ 4 ].

Author sownload open overlay panel Marco Pepe a Romildo D.

One possible reason for the increase in compressive strength with the waterproofing admixture can be associated with a filler effect that can contribute to close the voids, but can also work as a cement hydration activator by improving the paste cement nbr nm 67 pdf download, as well as in studies evaluating the mechanical properties of cementitious matrices [ 1112 ].

To study the significance of controllable variables concrete types a variance analysis ANOVA was carried out with factor from the software Statistica 7. It is observed that the use of crystalline waterproofing coating is more efficient compared with the concrete with waterproofing admixture. Another study verified the influence of nano particles on the mortars mechanical properties, these were produced with nano-Fe 2 O 3 and nano-SiO 2 admixtures, with which it could be concluded that the nano-particles helped to increase both the compressive and flexural strength.

The absorption and voids increase in the concrete with nbr nm 67 pdf download crystalline waterproofing admixture can be justified by a possible hygroscopicity generated by the use of this product may be a result of increase porosity or amount of evenly distributed small pores, or by the product may be hygroscopic and contribute to this increase absorption. Neville AM Concrete properties. Currently, some studies are emerging related to the use of waterproofing products, however in both national and international literature the number of studies is reduced.

By analyzing the Fig. When analyzed, using the crystalline waterproofing admixture, it also allowed nbr nm 67 pdf download evaporating steam as well as silica fume admixture, however, this is more efficient.

The existence of pozzolans composition causes the pozzolanic reaction, which is slow and continuous, forming resistant products by calcium hydroxide consumption, which entails a decrease of porosity nbr nm 67 pdf download [ 16 ].

The water used in this study for molding the specimens comes from the public supply of the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Water absorption values tended to decrease as sand was replaced by ceramic tile wastes, due to the filler effect. The crystalline waterproofing admixture increased water absorption compared to the reference concrete, this fact nbr nm 67 pdf download be associated with a variation in the capillary nbr nm 67 pdf download dimension of the concrete due to the use of the waterproofing product, absorption is directly linked to voids, so if there was a greater absorption there is also increase in voids.

The performance of this product was not suitable to the expected product as by increasing the concrete voids with crystalline waterproofing admixture may have contributed to increase hygroscopicity of the material. The chemical admixtures employed in the mixture were assigned according proportioning provided by a concrete service company for conventional buildings, that do not require high strength at early ages.

Materials Proportions Cement 1 Fine aggregate 1. The use of this material aims to permanently seal the concrete against water and other liquids penetration, thus contributing to protection against harsh environmental conditions due its low permeability. Water is the main factor that negatively influences the concrete durability, and the rate of deterioration is intensified by the ease the water penetrates in this material [ 5 ].

Finally, another eleven specimens were molded with silica fume admixture seven for the compressive strength test and four for the absorption tests. It was also observed that the products were tested in different matrices conventional concrete, mortar, polymer concrete and bricks and the form of use to make the waterproof material is varied mixture of the agent in the cementitious compound, coating such as painting, dipping and spraying [ 9 ].

Iso Pdf – eBook and Manual Free download

There were tested four specimens of each concrete type, which were nbr nm 67 pdf download adhered nvr a PVC pipe with 0.

The crystalline waterproofing coating system is a form of surface protection and has little dependence on the distribution of concrete voids, because it was expected to have better performance than the reference concrete [ 29 ].

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the product develops the same performance if is the sample was sanding or not; therefore, specimens were tested with the coating being sanded, and the painted without the sanding. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. In this way are regarded as pores patch protection system, causing the closure of pores [ 10 ], since due to the silicate-based substances present in the product to penetrate the concrete react with the byproducts thereof, in particular the calcium hydroxide, and form crystals nbr nm 67 pdf download cause pore nbr nm 67 pdf download.

Currently various studies have been conducted, in order to produce and test waterproofing additives to increase these elements service life [ 9 ]. The other four types are: Several factors influence the concrete durability, like physical and chemical effects that influence the reduction of the concrete structures durability [ 5 ].

Hardened mortar and concrete-Determination of absorption, voids and specific gravity. Neville A Concrete properties.