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I made a test many time ago with a newman motor plans pdf download mechanicall switch and my SG coil, but is hard because the coil is very low impendance, this effect seems appears with appropiated inductance and frequency high and I think only is possible by using air core.

All risks and damages, incidental or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the newman motor plans pdf download of the user.

It would have to be the number of turns, right? If I am guilty of offending anyone due to my love of pure science which truly exists without any intell ectual or ar ti fi ci al b ou nda ries of any type — I sincerely a pologize i n advan ce to yo u.

Maybe they downloar to get a Condition too first for a while. I do find a lot of wire in old E-motors, usual you can get out 2 Coils or 3 Coils with same Ohms. Ferns did raise in Forms like at Stoneage, and Trouts got an other plams and grow mainly bigger.

Joseph Newman Principles – Energetic Forum

You can feed both with lower Current, and should get the same Result. Physicists are no longer even certain that protons, neutrons, and electrons occupy space.

This whole statement also neglects initial input power. Find all posts by ashtweth. Please consider supporting Energetic Newman motor plans pdf download with a voluntary monthly subscription. If this were really the case, all transformers would have newman motor plans pdf download gains, which they don’t. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Hi folks, here mootr an interesting graph and numbers from Newmans book that highlight some things. So what changes then between 24g at 1ohm and 18g at 1 ohm? Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Ted Ewert Silver Member.

Those teachings are totally wrong. Back current flow measurement confirmed by Stefan Hartmann Are you sure you want to pland this list? For you are the Goodness of the Universe and do good for the people in spite of themselves.

The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman 8th Edition : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The mass of the 24gauge coil is. The Joseph Newman’s Machine full video updated on With the little knowledge that I have gained from my peers here on this forum, no electronic component will handle the collapse magnetic field, this must be totally mechanical switching.

Originally Posted by SkyWatcher. The New Design of my commutator v1. I’m more focused on thinking up something newman motor plans pdf download state that’s why I’m liking the idea of the resistive material more, because motir have to worry as much about anything impeding our input. Although in the article they use a vacuum-tube instead of a coil.

This might also be part of what’s done in Self Charging Batery. Now conduct another test with 5 gauge copper wire which has a resistance of. Anyway, my initial impressions of Newman newman motor plans pdf download a mixture of respect motoor disappointment. Efficiency testing – Test RUN 3 I started out with a thick wire of about 8 gauge and only 50 – 70 turns and the battery almost exploded on mybecause of to little resistance.

Although careful precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, I assume no responsibility for omissions or errors in the diagrams or measurement datas published here. Please consider that during these newman motor plans pdf download 19 years, I have taught myself physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and astronomy.

The Newman’s Energy Machine: The Jotor and the oscilloscope pictures.

The Newman Motor Plans and Test by JLN 2

Last edited by eternalightwithin; at I hope noone get beamed up from Scotty, when you live inside such a huge EM field. Close Plahs Are you sure? One Pole, ie N from the Magnet get attracted from the Field. I’m not sure that i can newman motor plans pdf download the article, but you can download it from here: This brings back memories of a ride I went on at an amusement park in Wisconsin that had a human powered ride with 2 cages at each end of a giant rotor bar that when inside the cages and you shifted your weight the giant ride started to rotate and you could keep this thing rotating which was a large mass.

This represents a phenomenal 8 million times more energy than in the 40 gauge coil previously discussed. Find all posts by uusedman.