The recorder has been out of use for about a year because of this problem. Well, someone wanted to use a camera WITH a tape to record. Was wondering if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind looking inside their unit and see where this piece might have come from. But unfortunately, the issue comes back if I open the cover to insert a tape. You’ve got to have a good light source having a headlamp-style flashlight helped me , and patience.

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Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

Lori Mon, 26 Oct Hello everybody I sony dcr-hc46e the same problem I have tried everything except for applying power to snoy motor. Tape door stayed closed and tape descended.

However, sony dcr-hc46e ejecting a tape, I cannot even hear it try to lift the mechanism again so I am inclined to believe a senor or something is blocking it from opening. Hit the bottom several times. I hope that I’ll can use the camera about year and change it. Thanks for the McGuyver method dce-hc46e worked. Anyone at Sony listening? Insert tape and hold it in with your right hand. WOW, am I glad I found this place! For those of you in Canada who are interested in sony dcr-hc46e a strongly worded email to Sony here is their sony dcr-hc46e address for consumer osny complaints.

SONY Camcorders — Download Drivers

JFlyswatter Fri, dcr-jc46e Aug Plugged the power supply back in and it ejected the tape. My tape jammed a little but I was able to remove it with minimal damage.

Anyways, I hope this was a sony dcr-hc46e time thing. Now ihave a expensiv webcam, and dcr-hc4e go to a store for buying a Panasonic camera. If I have to do it again, I’d find something stiffer to use sony dcr-hc46e the probes to stick down into the camera, and attach the wires to those.

Camcorders SONY — Drivers

Thank you Sony dcr-hc46e, thank you Dave sony dcr-hc46e thank you Constantine from Greece. You don’t even have to take the HC7 apart. I still have the same door jam problem but at least I can get tapes in and out using this method. Patrick Thu, 24 Jun Dcr-hc46ee HC28’s wouldn’t close. Oscar Fri, 27 Aug Pushed down on the gear lightly with a screwdriver and it started working. Every time you try to insert a tape, it is rejected by the hc7. Thanks sony dcr-hc46e the advise Dave.

I write poetry almost every Friday Unplug the battery and power cable 3. Track season just started and I am the official photographer for the team and my boys who are hurdlers depend on sony dcr-hc46e.

I smacked the crap out of it as sony dcr-hc46e above. I have the dxr-hc46e problem too. You might have to take it off and put it back on sony dcr-hc46e few times. This is why the internet is such a valuable resource. Tape ejected fine but now the door has been stuck open for weeks. I just removed the battery, then replaced it and it worked.

There was no moisture out there, August, nice weather, sony dcr-hc46e camcorder was in perfect keeping, no speck of dust on it Cassette in and out ok Thanks a lot Merci les amis Alain. Markus Tue, 12 Jul I wanted to attempt to remove the “date battery” but also have no clue where to find it. I have the same issue Would not SONY now more than ever have benefitted from a good sony dcr-hc46e with the market?

You know what worked? Sony dcr-hc46e their any way the camera can be rebooted so that it sony dcr-hc46e itself? I had this same problem with the cassette carriage not wanting to retract. It is an internal flaw and all it takes is a beating and it’ll work again!!!!! All I have to say is WTF?

I noticed the 28 version. Hitting the bottom side. Nelson Rodriguez Fri, 02 Sep sony dcr-hc46e Thanks again for this forum. So im stuck with a shiny camera that dont work.

Chris Wed, 20 Jul Now it can’t play any tape Sony dcr-hc46e have the perfect song for my cam With our help, dcr-hc46s equipment will function properly!