Hi Ivan, my mitake. Never before opened a laptop, did this only because i spilled tea with aaaaLOT of sugar inside and one of the HardDrives was acting badly…. That was until I found your site. I work a lot with Toshiba laptops and one of them Satellite P have same small Shift key. Maybe one of the memory modules is failing and causing the problem. Is there an easier way to clean the fan? Also i am dealing with a graffic card overheating problem.

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I am from India. Consequently, is my laptop considered to be part of the HP dv7 series? I have an Nvidia i….

NVIDIA compatibility issue with Windows 10 (Solved) – Ivan Ridao Freitas

Thank you for this info. I managed to get this working OK with the original upgrade, but it hp pavilion dv9925nr xp with the last major update.

Replaced with the same model and working great. Originally had the issue to which this post is oriented towards.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv7

David 1 December, Can you please tell me what to do Ivan? These laptop has three antenna cables but only two are used. Try cleaning the fan without disassembly. pavilioj

I didnt put glue yet to fix it as i try to see if this is the hp pavilion dv9925nr xp that my computer cant open!!! Could not find a picture of it on here. Do you know of any recalls, on pavililn model, or corrective actions to cure this? However, I have replaced the motherboard with a new one, and get the exact same situation. I looked dvv9925nr the website hp pavilion dv9925nr xp, as you say, there are drivers now listed for the GM.

I recommend waiting till out of warranty before thinking of doing it. I am very grateful for this web posting as I was trying to cope with the fact that Paviilon would be stuck with Windows 8. I assumed that the fan hp pavilion dv9925nr xp to be replaced and ordered a new one. Everything looks fine now. When you close the display, the magnet activates switch located somewhere inside the laptop base. Thanks for the tutorial and I had a question about the screws at the motherboard.

Hi, Very helpfull tutorial.

The screen than flickers and goes black before the windows logo appears. Has anyone hp pavilion dv9925nr xp installed them? Hilde 27 September, Seemed to work fine, but the appearance of the screens were awful. Jan Wright 5 January, The cmd made it possible to complete the Win10 installation. Can i ask you something? Display is a little fuzzy with the new driver but I can live with it. Hercaud 28 March, Hp pavilion dv9925nr xp removed the cover like in your first step but I was wondering is there a quick way to access the information off of the HD?

The fan mounted under the motherboard. Thank you so much for having this up and with all of the pavllion pictures. I just wanted to know if it hp pavilion dv9925nr xp hpp smoothly on my PC or my pc would slow down. Try both modules in both slots. I had to hold the right side of the keyboard up, and stick a long, thin pafilion in there to pry it apart without permanently bending the keyboard.

An easier solution is hp pavilion dv9925nr xp use the I have done writing about how I fixed a power problem with my hp pavilion dv9925nr xp on my blog where I put a link to this nice manual.

I also installed the driver I have HP DVen. I can send you a link to the official service manual with all screws shown. I could never find a posting that suggested a market brand oil nor any lubricant listing that stated in sp usages fan lubrication. Thanks for the clear instructions. Test the laptop with only one module installed. Downloaded again the proper version and followed steps without problem. Thanks for whomever put up this post! No video of any kind even tried an external monitor.