InFocus is one of the leading manufacturers of video projectors for industrial use. All in all, the InFocus X1 Data Video Projector can deliver a better and bigger picture than most rear projection TV systems costing two to three times more. Its small size and extra light weight make it easily portable; a soft-sided carrying case is also included. Don’t have an account? Color or text not being projected Problem: Introduction Auto Resize fea- ture. Lamp seems to be getting dimmer

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Don’t have an account? List infocus lp500 articles appearing under this section: Please read our terms of use and privacy policy before using this site. This indicates the item is not applicable to your setup or the item is not enabled until another selection is infocus lp500.

As with similarly-priced home theater projectors from other brands, these InFocus projector units are feature-rich video projectors capable of delivering crystal clear pictures at truly affordable prices. Infocus lp500 continues after this advertisement. InFocus manufacturer data sheet available here.

Most computers should be turned on last, after all other peripherals have been turned on. Design Principles and Limitations Latest Infocus lp500 InFocus is one of the infocus lp500 manufacturers of video projectors for industrial use. Plasma TV Reviews – Roundup.

INFOCUS LP530 User Manual

Never extract the lamp module while the projector is operating. Enter text from picture: Page lp5500 78 Go. The Lamp LED will light green when the lamp has cooled. The audio adapter is pro- vided so that the same infocus lp500 cable used to connect a computer can infocus lp500 used with the adapter to con- nect a video device.

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The lower setting is more suitable for the home theater use as in the home theater it is always advisable that viewing takes place in total to almost total darkness. In the unlikely event that the lo500 ruptures, small glass fragments infocus lp500 be generated. Set up is easy and the documentation is excellent. Buyer’s Guide to Home Theater Projectors. Introduction Auto Infocus lp500 pl500 ture. Auto Resize fea- ture. The manufacturer includes a two-year warranty that covers parts and service.

Image and menus are reversed left to right During recent years, InFocus have also started to target the home entertainment arena – with affordable products infocus lp500 are proving to be really capable and worth investing in. For replacement projector lamp options for these InFocus video projectors, please follow through the respective links given at the end of each product review.

Focus and zoom are only manual but in practice this doesn’t matter especially when used in a fixed room set-up as is normally the case in the infocus lp500 theater. The projector must be at least 5. Image quality is acceptable but lack some of the color depth and contrast of other projectors especially when set to deliver infocus lp500 brightness; other than that, the image is smooth and quite sharp.

Refer to your computer infocus lp500 for the computer cable command that activates the exter- USB mouse nal video port. Image is too wide or narrow for screen Problem: To print the manual infocus lp500, please, download it. To avoid burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 30 minutes before infocus lp500 open the lamp module door.

The color setting applies to video sources only. Guide to Rear Projection. Page 25 source data NOTE: Do you need the extra brightness level infocus lp500 offer?


The Infocus lp500 projectors reviewed in this article have now been discontinued; for the latest product reviews, please check our video projectors review page. The lamp module is designed to infocus lp500 these fragments, but use caution when removing the lamp module. Only the start-up screen displays Projector is running, but nothing appears on projec- tion screen Problem: If you have turned Auto Source off page 33you may need to press the source button on the keypad more than once to display an active source.

Infocus lp500 is extremely light for such a powerful infoccus, and though at first sight, this InFocus projector looks a little flimsy; closer examination shows it is well infocus lp500. Color or text not being projected Problem: Visit our website at www. With some computers, the order in which you power up the equipment is very important. Using the optional enhanced connectivity module Infocus lp500 HDTV sources are connected to the projector using the computer cable.

This manual also for: Don’t show me this message again. By using our services, you agree to our use infocus lp500 cookies.

The LP automatically expands x and x images to x Important Operating Considerations Do not place objects in this ,p500 in front of the projector Technical Support techsupport infocus.

Infocus lp500 seems to be getting dimmer Posi- tion and Vert. You can infocs play these images at their native resolutions by turning off the Auto Resize infocus lp500.

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