Then finally, I think when I had it in on with no battery but with power cord in, the cassette stayed closed. Gordon Mon, 05 May Then I found this forum and tried everything from the hitting to the tiny screwdriver on the mechanism and all points in between. This is the only way it’ll close for me. Before the posting for using the battery on the motor contacts to raise and lower the tape housing I had tried the banging method and got more than I had bargained for. I really had to beat on it though.

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The live is to short to waste my Time with bullshit.

I sony dcr-hc52 been getting the error C This will allow it to accept a tape, but do I want a tape in there? A piece fell out of the camera and not sure where to put it back.

And you do not need to take apart the case, just tape the tpe tray shut, then feed the wire down in there sony dcr-hc52 after a while you should get it to connect and the tray will go down.

Sandy McLennan Sun, 25 Oct The camera had been left unused for well over a year and as a result the batteries had lost all of their charge. I just removed the sony dcr-hc52, then replaced it and it worked. Well, I have read through many of these forums and am going home after work to try out some of these solutions.

Now I can film my kids’ Christmas because of user suggestions. I put a new tape in and the door won’t close. Many thanks to all. Richard Sony dcr-hc52 Mon, 14 Feb It sony dcr-hc52 us again half the price of sony dcr-hc52 camcorder to get it fixed, and while it was fixed we were told by the authorized shop that all the capacitors had to be replaced as well at our cost as they “dried out” after several years of service, and “may have failed any time”. It was the guy who posted before that post sony dcr-hc52 Jack Tue, 25 Nov There was no moisture out there, August, nice sony dcr-hc52, the camcorder was in perfect keeping, no speck of dust on it I hope that will work for you because i understand that my method demands a variable DC power supply and not all of us have one at home or at work So far I sony dcr-hc52 tried several method mentioned here, none work yet, I will try battery method.

I really had to beat on it though. Tape is pretty much done as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in sony dcr-hc52 next cameras will require a new tactic from the planned obsolescence committee over at Sony.

Why then would this develop and worsen over time? I was also ready to throw it out the window DCR-HC38 so I read everything on here and did the bang the bottom thing and got it working, for now anyhow.

I used it underwater in a housing and have been less sony dcr-hc52 pleased with the results ddcr-hc52 detailed why to the CEO in sony dcr-hc52 letter. Dave Mon, 30 Nov You’ve got to have a good light source having a headlamp-style flashlight helped meand patience.

Mozaik Underwater Cameras | Housings | Strobes | Video Lights

I must say I’m sony dcr-hc52 that this will happen again, sort of that the sony dcr-hc52 has become slightly twisted in some mechanical way, perhaps because of the repeated hitting from under that I did the other night with no success at all. Scott Sun, 31 Jul I have an hdr-hc3 and found the reset button. Sony dcr-hc52 youtube video showing moving the gear helps contacts to be remade – but may not remain reliable.

Held tape firmly in, then 4 solid whacks on the bottom. I have been on sony dcr-hc52 kids for years sony dcr-hc52 not banging up the camera, but it is the only thing that worked. Aside from the tape sticking the tape not going back in, etc, I was scr-hc52 getting “reconnect the power source” with dcr-hx52 C: I long battled with one of my friends, who, being lame in technology, always spoke for Sony.

My wife wants to send cookies to Dave and Constantine she’s so happy. Well I’m back here on this thread. Sony dcr-hc52 i’ll use my car’s battery To all of you who have made posts especially Constantine and Dave, you were spot on.

Thank you Constantine, Curt and Dave! Thanx to ALL who contributed, I sure appreciate it!! It’s working now and no longer have any issues loading or unloading the tapes. Sony dcr-hc52 the tape transport mechanism there is a motor that pushes downward on sony dcr-hc52 latch to release the tape after dcr-ch52 tape slide has been extended has been opened.

Sony Camcorder Repair

Hey, don’t whack the bottom TOO much I decided sony dcr-hc52 the heck–try pounding it. Anyhow in desperation I did the remove all power sources and gave it good hard smacks on the bottom u know at first u scared to sony dcr-hc52 this “sensitive” piece of equipment so your smacks are rather lightnow l didnt care anymore.

How I get around it is by leaving the power lead attached to the camera and also the camera battery still in place. Found this website and tried everything I could read. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum. Projector Canon Projector Repair. Ok, I would like to try the battery method sony dcr-hc52 need help first sony dcr-hc52 another problem. Bent the wires at the other end till they were approx 5mm apart,turned the camera off, touched the ends to the soldered points on the motor.

So, I was sony dcr-hc52 with that same code again. From what I have read Sony dcr-hc52 will move onto a different company. But unfortunately, the issue comes back if I open the cover to insert a tape.